Between the international recommendations, your doctor’s information, the Chinese culture and what is available in Shanghai… there is good reason to be lost ! And yet, a well balanced and healthy lifestyle and nutrition plan care is essential for a healthy pregnancy and a good postnatal recovery !

The Midwifery Center offers practical nutrition and health coach group classes with Elizabeth Schieffelin (Lizzy), certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition !


Our classes are practical and offer good tips, recipes, guides and samples for new moms or moms to be !




How can I prime my body to be pregnant ?
150 MINUTES - 350RMB

Thinking about having a baby ? The key to growing a healthy baby is preparation, and taking the time and care prior to conception.

We will explore how to use not only food preparation but also positive changes to your home and lifestyle for a healthy pregnancy. Included in session are practices for optimizing fertility. You will be surprised and amazed at how much healthier and easier your pregnancy can be by putting in the effort to prime your body.

Includes : samples of superfoods, healthy shopping guides, recipes.




90 MINUTEs - 250RMB

" Can you smoke, have your morning coffee, have a glass of wine from time to time ?
What about cave to those sugary food cravings ? "

Learn about the harmful potential effects and the over-hyped wives tales that exist. Learn about healthy alternatives to cravings or temptations and discover superfoods add ins to combat toxins.

Includes : samples of superfoods, healthy shopping guides, recipes.



Using Nutrition Functionally for prenatal Discomfort.

In this session, we will review how good nutrition can, not only ease the discomforts of pregnancy, but also help to prevent them !

We will uncover the causes and best responses to conditions ranging from morning sickness to water retention to ligament pain to heartburn and more. We will also review the range of holistic alternative therapies offered in Shanghai like acupuncture, cryotherapy, massage and what benefit they may have for you.

Includes : samples of superfoods, healthy shopping guides, recipes.


Making Healthy Meals for Mama & Baby
3 HOURS - 600rmb

In this session, you will visit the wet market, learn about which questions to ask food vendors and then learn how to make healthy green smoothies at home. You will also be given a bilingual guide to help you tackle shopping and cooking terminology. 

  • What are the best hacks for navigating the wet market or grocery store in Shanghai ?
  • What principles can guide good food choices ?
  • How can we prepare delicious and healthy meals and snacks at home ?
  • What tips are key for making smart choices when eating out ?


Includes: Visit to wet market, blending demo at Lizzy’s @ Anken Life and smoothie sampling, healthy shopping guides, recipes.


3 HOURS - 500RMB

This session is a safe and open opportunity to discuss key tools that you can use to create a healthy and happy pregnancy both for you and your baby. We will share information and take away about healthy, balanced living practices which can be applied today and that can be used for your entire pregnancy and beyond. 
We will focus our discussion on eating right, taking supplements, minimizing stress and detoxifying our bodies.

We will address questions including:

  • What are top superfoods to eat while pregnant ? Where can you find these and what are the best ways to prepare them? Is there a benefit to eating imported foods versus locally grown ? How can we balance investing in the best quality foods and keeping a budget ?
  • Prenatal vitamins, do you need them? What are things we should be aware of, where are sources of good supplements in China ?
  • What foods are on the absolute NO EAT list ? Which foods are "kind of okay" sometimes ? What foods are okay to eat if from a good source ?
  • How can we use food, office or home environment upgrades to detox our bodies and protect against toxin exposure ?


Includes : samples of superfoods, healthy shopping guides, recipes.




2 hours - 300rmB

As a new breastfeeding mum, you are likely encountering a whole host of challenges including what to eat. Learn about the top foods to eat while breastfeeding to improve the nutritionally quality of your milk as well as functional foods that can help to increase supply.

We will explore common myths associated with what foods to avoid and also discuss the connection between what you’re eating now and what your baby will crave when he or she starts eating solid foods. 


Includes : samples of superfoods, healthy shopping guides, recipes.

Anytime after baby's 1st day.


2 HOURS - 300RMB

Learn about the process of recovery after giving birth and the top habits to build to prepare for life with a baby. Discover foods that help to balance your energy levels, hormones and to help you physically heal faster. Also, learn about top post natal anti-inflammatory foods, sources of adaptogens as well as nutritional sources for hormone re-balancing, improving physical endurance and more.



Includes : samples of superfoods, healthy shopping guides, recipes.

Anytime after baby's 1st day.


2 HOURS - 300RMB

If you are feeling bloated, gassy, tired and as though you have some extra weight on your frame, you are not alone! In this session, you will learn about how to make positive dietary shifts to improve postnatal energy levels and physical appearance.

Good food is nourishment and should not be holding you back or a source or guilt or frustration. We will also review resources in Shanghai for increasing your physical activity levels in a safe and sustainable way that works for YOU.


Includes : samples of superfoods, healthy shopping guides, recipes.

Anytime after baby's 1st day.